G’day! I’m Rhys.

My guess is, you’ll be quick to pick me as quite the cruisey character. My life is best lived in the early morning surf, having an arvo beer with mates, adventuring slash being silly with my Fiance, Loz and sharing Vegemite toast with our half groodle, mostly bear, Mosely. It’s the simple things, you know?

I’ve had the ol’ photo-taker in my palms for most of my adult existence, snapping away at random people in their happy place. Originally in the ocean, then during my travels, now for lunatics in love. I still pinch myself, waking up and knowing I get to do what I love that day, every day.

Alot of folks would say Photographers have an ‘eye for detail’, but my lens is focused on movement - intimate and expressional. It’s emotion that drives our actions, so i’m looking for a smile creeping up someone’s face, a flicker in someone’s eye, a quick tilt of a head that tells me there’s a big laugh ready to explode out of their belly.

I think this form of photography is the art of reading people, just as much as it is about finding the perfect frame - and while you’re reading this, I hope you get a feel for if i’m the right artist to tell yours.

My job, above all else is to tell a honest, visual story of your day. Although I will ask you to say and do some silly things, i’m not much for shooting posed pictures. I -am- all for living in the moment, so I like to catch the in-betweens. The authentic action between two, the quiet as well as the outrageous, emotion in all it’s forms!

Building a connection with my couples is at the top of my priority list, my goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in my presence. So, i’m a big fan of making pals before the big day. Catching up a few times means i’ll be a friendly and familiar face. (That idiot with the bad jokes.) Someone who can banter with your mates, befriend mum and dad and keep nanna out of mischeif. You’ll know and trust that i’m on your team and it’ll make all the difference. We’re amigo’s, shake and bake, potato and gravy with a side of chips.

My only promise is this - when you’re tossing back chicken wings and flicking through your albums in 100 years, you’ll smile and say, geez that was fun.


The Whole Kit
and Caboodle 

Couples Shoot 

The Essentials  

Prep to Farewell 

Professional Photography - 10 hours 
Professional Editing 
All images returned via personal online gallery 

On location 

Professional Photography - 30 minutes 
Professional Editing
All images returned via a personal online gallery

Ceremony to Cake Cutting 

Professional Photography - 6 hours 
Professional Editing 
All images returned via a personal online gallery 



Elope with us

Sometimes getting hitched is cooler/funner/more exciting and romantic when it’s intimate, with just a handful of your nearest and dearest, while on a mountain/in a field/skydiving - WE GET IT. 

Each relationship is unique, as will be the way a couple chooses to make their commitment. If a big wedding with all the bells and whistles doesn’t tickle your fancy, THAT’S TOPS - we’d like to offer you the ultimate adventure.

Picture this: you (it would be weird if you weren't there), your lover and a handful guests, perched on a mountain peak, a cliff edge, an open field, overlooking rolling green hills, beachside, on an island, wandering around a farm or in a cave - Getting married. Enjoy a completely personalised ceremony by Loz, with Rhys capturing every drop of your emotion. When the Big Show ends, dance off into the sunset for some portraits and then spend the rest of your time celebrating with your people. 

We want to do whatever it is that sings to your soul, wherever that song takes you. Easily! Fuss Free. And pretty friggen special. 

*Note - Loz is our preferred Marriage Celebrant, however you are welcome to include an alternative Marriage Celebrant, of your choice. In this case, prices may differ.


Celebrant, Photographer and your Destination of choice 

Personalised Ceremony - tailored to you
Preparation and lodgement of all legal documents
Mandatory Marriage Certificate provided by the BDM ($60)
Help with personalised vows 
Bluetooth PA system - (you can play your tunes through this beast too)
Professional Photography - 2 hours 
Professional Editing 
All images returned via a personal online gallery 

*Travel charge dependant on location.
*Jumping out of a plane may incur an extra fee. Totally worth, we would say!