Hungry Hearts Co.

The tale of two; the story of you.

Hungry Hearts Co was founded and is fed daily by two outrages individuals - a passionate duo creatively diverse in skills and uniquely similar in character. 

Together, we're mad about the wild ride that love take you on, which has brought us to weddings. We understand the ups and downs within relationships, but we like to focus on the magic that exists between them. Hungry Hearts Co aims to celebrate romance, inspire intimacy and create an appreciation for your story. 

We achieve this through personalised wedding vows, wedding party speeches and couples photography. 

You see, when it comes to love, us humans like to savour the taste of every moment. We get whisked off our feet, fall flat on our face and float between different realms of euphoria - happy and humble in a world of our own. We work hard to seal the deal with that special someone, but it can be easy to lose sight of our number one priority with so much noise around us.

Hungry Hearts Co wants to bring the wedding culture back to it's bones - the initial spark, the adventure you've been on and the life long commitment you're entering into.  While identifying how and why your soul is sizzling, we'll aim to inspire your thoughts, express your feelings and heighten your emotions with memories you can hold on to forever. Through a collaborative process, we will ensure you are both comfortable, confident and in control.

In need of some romance inspiration? Browse our blog to find out more. 

With love, 

Lauren and Rhys x

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'All the Other Fluff' - Hungry Hearts Co supports each relationship equally. Love knows no limit. Regardless of your sexuality, race or religion - we want to make your day special.
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Our Story

The words | Lauren

With her vivid imagination, appetite for life and robust enthusiasm towards romance, Lauren is a professional at making word magic.

With a background in Sales and Marketing, Lauren has developed some pretty nifty ways to express your vision. Whether you would like to say something special to a friend, express unconditional love on your wedding day or get creative in clawing your way out of the dog house, Lauren can make your words work. 

The images | Rhys

A hungry heart, hungry mind and hungry eyes belong to Newcastle based photographer,  Rhys. Identifying the magic present in fleeting moments is his specialty. Rhys has been repeatedly published in international travel magazine, World Nomads, but you can sneak a peak at some of his favourite work at

With two eyes for detail, he sees the world a little differently. There are no fake smiles on his camera roll. He only aims to capture honest emotions, as they shine out of you. The tingles you feel in your tummy can’t hide from this chap. While looking through his lens, he instinctively captures it all. Think candid, think raw. 

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