Hungry Hearts Co.

Personalised Weddings Vows and Speeches:

A tale of two; the story of you.

When it comes to love, us humans like to savour the taste of every moment. Hungry Hearts, especially. We get whisked off our feet, fall flat on our face and float between different realms of euphoria - happy and lucky in love. 

However, more often than not, we get stuck on the words that enable us to express those feelings. While our wild hearts are running rampant, we're running in circles, confused and trying to salvage sentences. It's not easy, so we're here to do the hard part for you - by writing your personalised wedding vows and speeches.

Hungry Hearts specialises in writing Wedding Vows, Speeches and Toasts that will make your moments memorable. We will get to know you, understand your unique relationship and then mould your thoughts and feelings into an honest declaration of love, lust or unidentified couple lingo. Through this collaborative process, we will ensure you are comfortable, confident and in control. 

Visit our 'Specialty Services' to browse our romantic offers - you tell us the ingredients and we create the recipe. If you need a hand (or a heart) get in contact today!