The right couples for me are into historic nordic dress up and swing hard..

Wait wrong blog...

Its true, not every celebrant is right for every couple. As not every couple is right for every celebrant.

The right couples for me:

They want their ceremony to be unique, a bit cheeky and a representation of who they are, the life they live and the love they share.

If they don't know what they want for their ceremony (y'know, they might be new to this marriage thing), that's ok! It's more important to me that they know what they DON'T want their ceremony to be. Then that helps me get to work.

My favourite crowd:

They are the guests who have been to so many weddings and have seen so many ceremonies that they expect the same as they have seen before.

Naturally, they are pleasantly surprised, they are wholly engaged and entertained and usually come and have a chat after.

I’m here for the laidback lovers. The dreamboats wanting their ceremony to set the vibe for the whole day.

I’m here for the fools in love, the friendships set on fire. The relaxed couples wanting a charismatic storyteller.

Couples that seek warmth, wit and a Friday arvo drinking buddies are my kind of people. Lovers that value authenticity and derive genuine pleasure from the fun of getting hitched; giggles, tears and heart-shaped eyes to boot. 

I hit it off with folks who don't take themselves too seriously, love to laugh and make having fun a priority in their lives. 

Mostly because i'm cheeky, wildly affectionate and completely, idiotic.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with and telling the true tales of couples who are genuinely best mates, happy to share their quirks and easily admit they're a pair of weirdos. I like comfortable people, places and spaces. 

The crowds who appreciate my ceremonies most are those who value a completely personalised experience, a story they can connect to and get involved in, an atmosphere that feels familiar, silly banter, dry and observational humour, witty writing, enthusiastic delivery and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Big laughs one minute, tears the next! Real life kinda stuff.

Who is the best Celebrant?

Look, it’s a great question and you’re a clever little monkey for asking. Of course, you are!

Rather than letting you punch those few little words into ye ol’ Google machine and get sucked into a vortex that sends you on a bum steer and makes you cry all the time, I thought I might just be a bit of a legend and lay it out for you. Plain and y’know – simple.

Let’s face facts! There’s plenty of Marriage Makers around the place. You’re absolutely SPOILT for choice. Honestly! We’re everywhere! And we’re all pretty damn good!

So, how do you go about picking just one? The right one? The best one?

Easy! Just email every hitcher you can find, compare their prices in a zillion page spreadsheet and book the cheapest! HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M KIDDING. I JOKE. PLEASE, DON’T. I BEG YOU! SPREADSHEETS ARE THE WORST!

Searching for the ‘best’ Celebrant is like hunting down the most scrumptious wine, stumbling on the perfect pizza topping or trying to decide who’s created the best music in the entire history of sound. Just like knickers, there is no ‘one size fits all’. (Could you imagine? Yikes.)

Finding the best Celebrant is all about preference. We all do the things differently! We write differently. We deliver differently. We communicate differently. We prioritise differently. We invest differently. We think – differently. (If I never say differently again, it will be too soon.)

To demonstrate what on earth I mean, I’ve gone and hassled the Celebrants that I look up to extremely, adore ridiculously and invade the personal space of frequently, to give me an example of how they do things and who enjoys those things most. For you, lucky, handsome pumpkins!

Do enjoy! 

The type of couples that I work best with are relaxed and know how to have fun.

My ceremonies are fun and laid back, almost conversational - dancing a line between oohs & ahhs (because that's what Great Aunt Beryl likes) and good-hearted fun that gets everyone smiling and laughing.

I want to set the vibe for the rest of their day. 

I think I work best with couples that value and appreciate organisation. Even if it's only one out of two! I am very process driven, which means I can guide them easily and no detail is missed. 

Generally, my couples like lots of information and I'm happy to give it to them. For instance, if they want to write their own vows but are not sure where to start. No problem! I give them my vow writing kit and provide lots of support and feedback.

I love marrying people from different countries as it mirrors my own love story and I can use my language skills. I'm also the Queen of rituals - I love to incorporate customs like hand-fasting, wine box ceremony, ring warming, you name it. 

Finally, my couples want a highly personalised ceremony that's all about them. My objective on the day is to make everyone laugh, and cry and feel a range of emotions. At the end of it, everyone will be feeling uplifted and ready for the party.

I really hit it off with couples who are genuinely excited about their love for each other.

They’re getting married to celebrate their love and share what makes their heart sing about their partner.

They see their ceremony as a super important part of their wedding and want laughs, happy tears and for it to set an awesome vibe for the rest of the day.

I get on best with couples who appreciate that I am 100% uniquely me (i'm hilarious, just ask me) whilst 100% all about my couples (they're awesome, just ask them). 

I'm the Celebrant that says - it is YOUR day, do it YOUR way, whatever that looks, sounds and feels like. Seriously, I refuse to rely on boring templates. My ceremonies are ALL about you, your family, your love, your personality, your vibe, your celebration – the two of you, all the way – quirks and all. My couple's grab their ceremony with both hands and embrace the awesomeness all the way through to their party. 

If you want your ceremony to be written from scratch, completely personalised, just like you in lingo, character and atmosphere; something your guests will listen too, be genuinely captivated by, rave about and squeal “it was so them!” you’ve got to pull up your socks and do some sleuthing.

Here’s how:

Ask your pals for recommendations / take a peek on Instagram / lurk around on the Interweb.

Decide what matters most, to you, about your ceremony and therefore, your Celebrant. Write a list, why don’t you? If it’s the way they speak, read their websites. If it’s the way they look, park your peepers on their photos. If it’s their vibe, dive into their socials and sit there for a while. Have a cuppa tea and a biscuit! 

*If you'd like to know more about any of the Funky Cats listed above, just give their photo a quick click and you'll be transported to their virtual Real Estate.*

Pick 2 or 3 favourites and get in touch with them. Remember that all humans are equals and you punching out an email that says “prices please” is just about as appealing as us sending you back a dollar value and absolutely nothing else. (What a bloody let down!)

If you like the look of what they send you in response, give them a buzz and get a feel for things. Sift through the important stuff! Is the conversation easy? Do they give two hoots about your day? Does what they do align with what you want? Are they picking up what you’re putting down? What’s their process like? Are they confident? Do they speak well? Can they answer your questions fearlessly? Do the flavours of your personalities work together like some sort of exquisite cocktail that you desperately want to guzzle?

If you find a stand out, lock them down! If you don’t, KEEP LOOKING!

Know this – not every Celebrant will be right for you. You won’t be right for every Celebrant. That’s cool and okay and not a problem. Sometimes the Celebrant you want will have already been booked (great minds, hey?) Sometimes the stars align and things work out and you wrap your precious engaged fingers around the best of the best!

The ‘best’ being the person (who’s allowed to marry you, by law and stuff) you connect with most. It’s the human who makes you feel good. Someone you can relate too. Someone you feel comfortable with. Someone who GETS YOU and can create an experience and tell a story that genuinely reflects you.

That Celebrant is invaluable, let me tell you. 

So, who is this mystery ‘best’ hitcher? Let me know, once you find them!

Thanks for reading smoke shows! 

Lotsa love and sloppy ones -

Your Pal, 

Loz x 

I seem to get along with people who write something ‘different’ in their initial enquiry.

It could be funny, crazy, stupid, or none of the above. Let me give you an example, I’ve had couples write things like “What’s your favourite planet?”, or, “could we catch up for a coffee? Actually, can we catch up for a gin? I like gin more than coffee. Don’t care if it’s 9am.”

It doesn’t have to be funny, but something, nay, ANYTHING apart from the stock fucking standard, “how much are you?” I’m likely to answer “For what? For where? For when? Want me to dance on a table or marry the shit out of you?”

I really enjoy getting a little peak into couples before responding.

I really vibe with couples who are planning the day they want, and not just trying to please their friends and families by recreating a day everyone has seen before that’s based around bullshit outdated traditions.

My couples want to spend their day celebrating WITH their favourite people instead of being celebrated BY them. This means that they get to enjoy everything they’ve organised, spend time with their guests & make memories instead of just being in the spotlight and feeling like there’s a certain way they have to behave on the day.

My ceremonies are a true reflection of my couples relationship and their personalities, and I deliver this in a non-traditional way without it being a piss take. It’s entertaining & believable, heartfelt & hilarious, authentic & engaging and after EVERY wedding, the guests are left wondering “where’d your mate Monty go” or “is he family?”. This is because the entire ceremony is written from scratch and 100% about my couple and I bloody love it.

I'll kick things off, why not?

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