Oh my gosh.

You go searching for a celebrant and come out of it with a new bestie!

That is what happened when we met Lauren. We knew she was our perfect fit when she laughed at our lame jokes.

Lauren is truly a one-of-a-kind human, a sensational storyteller and the most beautiful person. Her heart is full of gold and her words will make you cry, laugh and then cry some more.

Lauren guided us through the uncertainties that came with planning a wedding amid a pandemic but just talking to her made us feel lighter and re-ignited our excitement.

She told our story as if she’d known us for life and in just the short time we have known her, we feel like we have all been friends forever (and now we will be, soz, not soz, you can’t get rid of us).

Lauren truly is a rare gem and one that we’d strongly recommend you grab onto ASAP.

Thank you so much for the laughs and for pronouncing all the Polish words like a pro. More importantly, thanks for your guidance, reassurance and for being our new bestie.

We’re so grateful we had you by our sides and now we have you in our lives.

Love, Michael and Dominica xoxo

P.s she’s a crazy good golf cart driver



"Talk about a power couple!

The dynamic duo that make up Hungry Hearts Co are second to none. From the moment we booked these legends for our special day, we knew everything was going to be perfect! 

Rhys is a wizard behind the camera. The photos from our engagement shoot, not to mention our wedding are incredible. He captured every moment and every emotion, start to finish and never missed a beat. 

Loz, the Celebrant with the gift of the gab, instantly makes you feel like you're one of her closest friends. She guided us through the whole experience with ease, taking all the unnecessary stress out of the equation, filling it with love, laughter and a big smile.

We can't rate these two higher than we already do, they are truely amazing. 

Do yourself a favour and choose the Hungry Hearts Co experience. Meet these guys for yourself! We guarantee you won't regret it.

We love these legends."


"They say you will only ever like a handful of your wedding photos but I LOVE every single one of them!!

Rhys did such an amazing job!

He was so much fun to have around and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I could not recommend Rhys highly enough!!

Best in the biz!"

allana and luke 

"Lauren where do we even start!?
You have felt like a life long friend from the minute you responded to our very first email!

We had to move our wedding date from June 2021 to October 2020 with a short 7 week notice. You were as cool as a cucumber and instantly put Luke and I at ease.

You were extremely quick with responses, organised all of our legal documents within days and just reassured us that everything was going to work out perfectly. That was all BEFORE the big day!

Our ceremony could not have been anymore tailored to the two of us.

It exceeded our expectations and honestly just blew us away. It was better than we could have ever imagined.

Our family and friends were asking how long have you known Lauren? How long have you been friends? Why haven’t we met her before? And the compliments continued all night long.

You really took the time to get to know us, the real us and we can’t thank you enough.

We love you and our day wouldn’t have been the same without you!!!"


"Loz and Rhys,

As individuals, you're talented, clever and unique.

Honestly, I thought it would be impossible to get Jaru and myself not to be shaky messes! But you both worked some kind of magic and made two extremely nervous, anxious people cruise through the day while being the centre of attention.

You really did put in the effort of getting to know us and were able to create an experience that completely matched the kind of individuals we are.

Loz created an awesome atmosphere by being her bubbly, confident self. Thank you for absolutely nailing everything you did, and your epic story writing/telling skills. (Also coming to the rescue with baby powder.)

Rhys made things so relaxed and captured the best memories. You're so easy going and full of creative ideas. Our photos are exactly how we pictured them because you captured us and all our guests as our true selves.

Ultimately, you both rule and we can't imagine our day without having you both guide us and the friendship you created with us.

You two combined are Superheros X"


"Lauren, where the bloody hell do I start with you? I already have goosebumps all over just thinking back to how special you made our day. From the very first time we spoke I knew STRAIGHT away that you were the Celebrant for us! That smile, your charisma, how down to earth and humble you were and the way you made us feel like we had known you forever - and don't even get me started on that adorable puppy Mosely.

You were like no other Celebrant I had ever met (and trust me I went through my fair bloody share before we found you!). I knew you were going be THE one for the job, but never ever could I have anticipated the impact you would make on our day. Holy moly, they say a Celebrant can make or break a wedding and my goodness me did you make ours. Words will never ever be able to describe how AMAZING you were. The crowd were pumped, the bridal party were excited, there were tears, there was so much laughter and ENDLESS smiles all round and it was all because of YOU!

Kane and I have a pretty unique story and we were nervous that it may not have been told in the way we wanted, but you took everyone on our special journey in the most magical and beautiful way possible and there was not a dry eye in the house. All of our guests have not stopped raving about you, many of them asking if you were a friend from our childhood because you represented our personalities so perfectly. Kane couldn't speak more highly of you and I am pretty sure if he could have two wives, he would have married you as well right then and there (Hell, I would have married you right then and there if I could, I am actually a little jealous of Rhys).

Lauren, we were blown away by you! And we are so grateful to have met such a special person. You should be so proud of this wonderful gift you have - you have a way with words and with people that is beyond anything I have ever encountered. WE LOVE YOU! And we hope you stick around in our lives forever xxx"

Photos | Jack Henry 


“My husband and I hit the jackpot and had Loz as our Celebrant and Rhys as our Photographer for our wedding. 


Lauren has the skills to have everyone in laughter and tears at the same time. 

Rhys effortlessly managed to take the most candid and gorgeous photos. I didn't even notice him snapping away and I mean that in the best way possible! 

All our guests were raving about Loz's ability to capture the audience and did it with such ease, despite the intense wind and elements we were all battling through the ceremony! Special little touches like having us turn and face our guests while they wished us heart felt words for our married life together, make for a truly unique ceremony. 

It was such a pleasure to have Rhys and Loz support us through all our preparation are they are people we hope to stay in touch with well past our wedding day. 

I couldn't recommend Hungry Hearts Co more highly. Thanks again to you both. 

Big love, Kate & Nelson - Hitched by the best!"

Elle and Liam

“Rhys, What a guy.

I've spent weeks trying to write a review that would do justice to the way Rhys captured our wedding day. I don't think any words could measure up.

Rhys was a friend from the first time we spoke. He diligently kept in touch. He was always on time. He was easy to communicate with and made our lives super easy in the process. He made us feel completely relaxed in every way, even in front of a camera (which we'd never done before). He is one of those people that walks into the room and everyone calms down with his easy going nature and positive outlook.

Now to those mad skills: He was somehow everywhere at once. He's an artist. We were worried we'd need a videographer to capture all the emotion of our day - the highs and... extra highs, the finest details, the tears of joy. Somehow, this legend of a human, captured all the emotion of our wedding day through photographs. It's someone with a rare talent that can capture something candid and in motion but make it look so magical that it must have been coordinated.

We felt like our wedding day was magic. And Rhys captured it in every way.

If you don't use Rhys as your photographer, you'll regret it. He's incredible in every sense of the word.

We could not have asked for anything more in a photographer, and in a person.

Rhys is the cream of the crop - the absolute best! Get him while you can - if you can.”


"Where to begin?! There are no words in the English language to accurately describe how incredibly amazing and talented Lauren is!

Leading up to our wedding, stress levels were high with the gloomy cloud of COVID-19 hovering over our heads. Lauren was there the whole way through reassuring us that our wedding was still going ahead as she would be there, even if no one else was!

Our wedding day arrived and she took our words and managed to spin them into something beautiful and poetic whilst still maintaining the authenticity of our stories! 

There was laughter, there were tears but most importantly, the final "I do's" that we had desperately spent the last week stressing over! 

After reading reviews, we knew that we would be in for something unique. Our wedding ceremony was beyond perfect and our absolute favourite part of our wedding day. 

All our guests raved about how fun and different it was to every other wedding they had been to and we can't wait for the video so we can watch it all over again!

From the bottom of our hearts, we can't thank Lauren enough! 

Love the Goldski's"

Kate and James  

"Lauren, Lauren, Lauren - where do I even begin with Lauren.

If it was possible to recommend Lauren from HungryHeartsCo every second of the day from now until the last second of time it would still not be enough.

We were first introduced to her through a recommendation of a friend, she said to check out her Insta, I did and instantly was like yep - this girl wears hats. I like hats, this is the girl for us.

She made not only our wedding ceremony special, but the entire process of paperwork, writing vows, even choosing who and what to be said when, it was all an amazing ride.

Lauren had our guests in stitches the entire time. We still have people asking if she was a friend we knew before the wedding.

Nope, just the most hilarious and genuine person you will ever meet in your life. She oozes confidence, charisma and style. Her vibe is fun, but let's get this done.

Do not hire Lauren if you don't want a good time - cuz it's non stop laughs with this one and we would not have wanted it any other way.

Thank you Lauren from HungryHeartsCo for making our wedding feel like a one of a kind! We wish we could do it all again with you."

Patrice and Deajae

”Where do we start with Rhys and Lauren? They're an amazing duo, Celebrant and Photographer. They’re wondrous story tellers through their words and images, AND they are beautiful souls with a real passion for what they do! It only took one short meeting for us to decide they were the perfect match for us and our wedding. Boy, did we make the right decision. Loz and Rhys both went above and beyond, and it felt more like working with old friends than people we had only met a few months earlier. 

Lauren has a talent for creating an atmosphere that can make you smile and laugh one minute and be wiping away happy tears the next, while Rhys seems to know exactly when and where to be to catch the most authentic photographs without you even knowing he is doing it - like a ninja with a camera! 

We can't thank you both enough! Xo 

Mr and Mrs Waterworth”


"Holy moly – from go to whoa, Lauren and Rhys were an absolutely delightful duo.

From helping us write (hilarious) vows to taking bloody magnificent photos, they pulled out every stop to make sure our day came together, telling our story better than we could have ever imagined!

Our nearest and dearest were thrilled to sit and listen to Lauren’s love languages while Rhys snapped away capturing all those sneaky smiles, those big hugs and most importantly those late-night, champagne induced dance moves.

We couldn’t recommend these fabulous humans enough! Thanks guys xx"

Bre and Josh

“Oh Lauren! You are so divine!

You were everything I could have hoped for and more and BLOODY HELL you are creative! What you did with the information you gathered from us was just incredible!

You should know that EVERYONE talked about you all night! No one had seen anything like it and that just shows that you are so good at what you do!

Thank you for making our day so special. Thank you for acting lightning fast when I wasn’t meeting deadlines. Thank you for saving me when I nervously tapped the kindle too many times HAHA.

You’re a dream Lauren and we wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to marry us!

Some of my FAVE photos from the wedding is with you in them! The ceremony, the sneaky eyes your giving Josh to see if he’s squeezing out a tear mid vows, your thumbs up when you save me from premature kindle tapping 😂 but out of all of them it’s the photo of me giving you a big ol’ squeeze outside, post-ceremony.

At that time I just thought ‘how bloody lucky are we!’. What a special person we had lasoo’d to help make us husband and wife and how our wedding could hands down not have been what it was without you!

Thank you again Loz.

There are no words to express how thankful and happy we are to have had you as our celebrant!! 😘😘😘”


"You are both absolutely amazing!! Steve and I cant thank you guys enough.

You made everything so calm yet so exciting along the way and always put a smile on our faces when we were in fear & doubt of our wedding plans not being possible. (Due to COVID-19.)

No matter how high the hurdles were and what new laws came in, you both always reassured us we would still be able to Say I Do.

Despite these hard times and tough circumstances, we still made our Wedding Date. We said our I Dos & became Mr & Mrs Bozinovski!!!!

We wouldn't have gotten here without you both. Thank you Lauren & Rhys, you are a gorgeous couple and make an even better team.

Lots of love always,  

Jen & Steve X x"

Kayla and Dan 

“This girl. 🙌🏼 

When Loz messaged me and told me she wanted to marry us I didn’t even think twice. I met her at a @weddingcollectivensw open night about a year ago and I just loved her and Rhys straight away. Anyone who comes in contact with her just falls in love. She is beautiful, cute as a damn puppy and loves love more than anyone I’ve ever met. My family fell in love with her, Dan fell in love with her, my friends have no word of a lie messaged me today saying how much they love her and want to adopt her. 

After Dan and I walked back down the aisle, the bridal party met inside @stanleyparkk, followed by Loz. I didn’t even hug my husband, I hugged Loz and we both had a little cry (Jokes, Loz bawled). 

You were family for the day and now a friend for life. 

You are infectious my girl and I would choose you a million times over!

Love, Kayla and Dan x ”

NATH and caitlin 

“Lauren, from the bottom of our hearts we can’t thank you enough for creating such a beautiful ceremony for us.

You took our words and created a storyline that I think only you could put together.

You made us feel at ease and comfortable when standing by you and everything felt so natural.

You were the perfect match for us and I know you will be a perfect match for many more couples ready to tie the ‘human’ knot.

We love you and thank you.” 

Jade and Steve 

“Loz was our wedding celebrant a couple of weeks ago and we can't sing her praises loud enough!

Searching for a celebrant was our biggest wedding vendor struggle - we wanted someone funny, creative, relaxed, and able to help us create a ceremony indicative of our relationship. From day 1 of meeting Loz we knew she was our girl. She was the sweetest, most calming and down to earth presence, a quality truly needed on and leading up to a day so filled with nerves and stress. 

In the lead up to the wedding we also experienced a loss in the family, and Loz went above and beyond to help us navigate a really difficult time, even offering to help us with an early ceremony to ensure our loved one could be a part of our day. 

On our wedding day, Loz told our story beautifully - she shared our highlight reel, made us feel warm and fuzzy with the sweet stories she told, and had our guests in fits of laughter throughout. So many of our guests commented on our ceremony and on the way Loz was able to encapsulate us as a couple in the way she planned and told our story. 

Thank you Loz for helping create the most perfect day for us!”

Photo | Ben Adams