If you're a standard type'a human, who enjoys free time and luxurious living, we're guessing you're ready for these holiday things to KICK THE HECK IN! Can't blame you, can we? Collectively, we've all made the strange and rushy transition from doing the bare bones of virtually, well, nothing to absolutely, y'know, everything! We're thrusting through time and space faster than ever before! (This sounds a little bit educated-y and science-y, but it's not - I made it up! Consider yourself tricked!) If you've had a gutful of this year and you're ready to slow down, this one's for you. 

Like most folks, Rhys and I had been living out the dream of being stuck together 25/8 for a few (insert your most creative adjective) months. While that was a relatively fun and wow, what an absolutely thrilling experience, happy hour was starting to last full days and we were running out of stories to make up about our neighbours. (HA!) As you can imagine, a change of scenery was very much welcome. Luckily, last month, we moved and grooved up to our beloved sandy land of Byron Bay for a glorious, scrumptious elopement! (Shimmies and backflips with joy.) It would have been rude not to make the most of our time away, right? 

Well, our snouts wasted no time in sniffing out the perfect spot for a Romantic Getaway. Instead of wandering around our own four walls, we craved the chance to do the exact same thing in someone else's! We wanted luxury! We wanted Charm! We wanted a place with a bath in our damn bedroom! Can you believe we found one?

Enough about what we wanted! Are YOU dreamin' up a glowy, easy, breezy getaway? Are YOU craving the taste of another world, while you're still safe and silly in this one? Are YOU ready to strip off, shed your wintery woes and get completely, utterly salt soaked?

If you answered yes (of course you did, you loveable loon) boy oh boy, we've got a secret to share with you! It looks, feels and IS the coastal hideaway, Bask and Stow - your very own sun smothered, Palm Springs inspired oasis. See: fun stuff Rhysie snapped around the scene from our three day escape.

If the aesthetics and visual taste of this set up doesn't tickle your tastebuds - exit this page, throw your computer in the bin and call an ambulance. You've likely rubbed chilli in your eyes, but you will be OKAY!

Now, to the honest, important stuff. Our room - The Garden Suite - was undeniably a couple's retreat. The space itself was a fierce encourager of intimacy (see: tub), a curator of connection (don't see: TV) and a subtle enticer of indulgence. The crisp white, fresh aired, naturally lit, texturally delightful ambience instantly relaxed us into a dream state. We relished the copious space, the endless storage and all the exquisite, thoughtful details. 

Complimentary welcome bubbly meant we were off to a good start, but simple additions like The Beach People pool towels, Australian Native Leif cleansers, scrubs and lotions, soft, creamy linen and quality air conditioning meant we had a comfortable and lavish stay. Every morning we woke up to a soft breeze as the golden glow of a new day leaked through our windows and stretched over us. Every afternoon we lazed by the pool like giddy little pigs. Every night we went for a dip in our above ground bath-pool and then washed off in perfectly pressured shower. 

So many areas for rest - so many ways to relax. Open your eye sockets and scroll down to see for yourself! 

One of our favourite things about staying at Bask and Stow is how easy it was to explore! Sitting smug just out of Byron's balmy centre meant we were still close (5ish minutes) walk to town; a wander away from Wategos  and cape Byron, the beach was almost our front yard! I mean, getting home after a few brews at night was as simple as a slow sprint through sprinklers via a few shortcuts. There was no built up traffic! No precious time wasted trying to find a park! No need to emergency call an uber! How divine!

Another, fabulous addition to this mix of moment making was the Bask and Stow Byron Guide we found resting in our room. It wasn't a directory of every place in the area, oh no! It was a curated list of creatives to visit, restaurants to meet and views to enjoy. We spent a fair whack of our time gobbling down great food, guzzling cocktails and getting our toes wet. Here's a couple of our must see's/do's/etc.

Note - I'm a brand new glutard (medically deemed Celiac) and although there are MANY wheat free alternatives these days, sometimes eating out is tricky and I usually miss out on my favourite things. (Poor me, right?) WRONG!!! Byron is BOOMING with the glutard friendly stuffs. Not rip off versions of real gluten-filled treats! ACTUAL TREATS! PLEASE EXCUSE MY EXCITEMENT!!!!!! Specifically speaking: 

Top Shop - three doors from Bask and Stow. How good can a B&E roll really be? You won't know until you've tried theirs. We only have two words for these folks. Holy SMOKES! Bayleaf Cafe - breakfast, but make it extra social and maybe get a tan while you're there!  Chihuahua-Taqueria - located in The Arcade. A true Mexican triumph. So fresh! So tasty! So Mexican! No exaggerating, honest! Earth n' Sea Pizzeria - most people who have chewed into a GF pizza base will likely agree they're pretty... shit. Many versions of shit exist, but all equal in shittiness. Earth n' Sea is not shit. IT IS GOLD. The Balcony for bubbles and oysters, The Loft for cocktails, Miss Margaritas - specifically for Margaritas. Bella Rosa - AMAZING Gelato and GF waffle cones, WHAT? Love Byron Bay Creperie & Chocolate Boutique - Crepes! GF! Nutella! Say no more! 

If you're looking for a special space to throw away your phone, ambitions and responsibilities, this it it. Bask and Stow is a place to unwind, relax and reset. Our Garden Suite was located at the front of the house, perfectly private and completely uninterrupted. Alternatively, there are a few other private suites to choose from nestled in a shared space. We saw that it was a prime spot for young families and fresh babies! This family owned biz is known for their epic hospitality so spots are pretty limited! Speed up your internet box and get clicking to book your slow space! Don't let us have all the fun. Spoil yourself, go on! 


Use your best and finest clicking finger to make your booking:


Stay safe and STAY FABULOUS! 


During our stay we were lucky enough to time some funky stuff with the King and Queen of Legend Town, our pals and big time spunks, Amelia and Taylor. Some Jameson whisky was consumed, laughs were had and a couple shoot erupted. We won't say much else about these shots, because we're fairly certain those cheeky grins speak for themselves.